Dixie Car Club

Benton, Arkansas car club


Dixie Car Club
Article I
Name and Purpose

Section 1.01. Name. The name of the non-profit organization shall be Dixie Car Club.
Section 1.02 The period of existence of said corporation shall be perpetual.
Section 1.03 The purpose of Dixie Car Club (non-profit organization) shall be to provide a social
organization for all those interested in the preservation, modification and promotion of antique,
classic, milestone, and special interest vehicles.
It is the feeling of the principals that these cars, whether antique, milestone, special interest or
modified domestic or imported are living things; they have a being, entity, and individuality of
their own. They have moved about the world, they have witnessed great and small events and
are entitled to preservation as desired by their owners.
Additionally, to encourage interests in said vehicles to the general public and bringing together
all those with similar interests. To encourage family participation, to promote friendship and
support organizational functions held by the club.
Our main goal is to raise funds for charitable purposes in our community through car shows,
silent auctions, concessions, etc.
Vehicles – In order to facilitate the general purpose, ALL vehicle years, makes, and models are
eligible for membership and includes the following types of vehicles: Street Rods, Customs,
Classics, Street Machines, Trucks, Sports Cars, and Sport Compacts. Vehicles may be altered,
built, or changed in such a way to create interest, or they be stock, non-altered.
Section 1.04 Liquidation of said non-profit organization may be brought about by two-thirds vote
of the total membership.
Section 1.05 The principal address shall be P.O. Box 465, Benton, AR 72018.

Article II
General Membership

Section 2.01. Qualification. Membership is open to any automobile enthusiast in accordance
with our purpose Section 1.03.
Section 2.02 Dues. Annual membership dues of Dixie Car Club will be determined each year
by the officers and voted on by the membership at the last meeting of the year. Dues are
payable in January of each year. There will be a 30 day grace period for current members
paying the next year’s dues (renewal of membership), if needed by a member. The Treasurer
shall notify members one (1) month in arrears and those whose dues are not paid by March 1st,
shall be removed from membership. Any member who is dropped for non-payment of dues and
wishes to be reinstated, shall be upon full payment of that year’s dues. All dues are
New members joining in the last quarter of the year will be considered paid for the following
Section 2.03 Membership. Membership is considered a single immediate family unit (including
minors under the age of 18) living in the same household.
Section 2.04 Rights and Responsibilities. The membership shall have the right and
responsibility to attend meetings and events sponsored by the organization, serve on
committees and be nominated and elected to office. Members shall have the right to vote on
the officers, review and approve annual budgets, approve amendments to these bylaws, and
any other vote that is set before the organization.
As a member of the club, you will promote the club by helping with the promotion of car shows
and cruise nights via flyers handed out, wearing club apparel, and talking to owners of cars to
promote the club and what it is trying to accomplish.
Members must operate vehicles in such a manner that it will not cause embarrassment to the
club, its officers, and members. If such a case arises, the offending member will be removed
from the club.
All club members who drive while involved in club functions or are traveling with said club going
to or from a club function, shall abide by the laws of the state of Arkansas, or any other state
when representing the club.
In order for our events to be successful, members are asked to help as much as possible during
club events.
Any club member while driving and representing the club, shall have a valid operator’s license.
Section 2.05. Quorum. The members present at any general membership meeting of the
organization, provided at least (10) members are present, shall constitute a quorum for the
transaction of business. In the absence of a quorum the membership may not take action. In

that event, any matter brought before the membership at a meeting in which a quorum is not
present, the matter would be tabled until the next meeting.
Section 2.06. Meetings. There shall be monthly general meetings of the membership. The
Meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of each month. If there is serious cause not to hold
a meeting that decision shall be made by a vote of the elected officers. Examples of such would
be pandemic, weather related etc.
Section 2.07 Conduct. During club activities and other events, members shall:
a. Conduct themselves in a manner that promotes cooperation among members.
b. Respect each other’s opinions during meetings and allow each member the opportunity
to present his/her views.
c. Refrain from making personal attacks and leave personal disputes outside of the club’s
d. Conduct themselves in a manner which promotes a favorable public opinion of the club
and its activities/events.
e. Not make commitments on behalf of the club without the vote of approval of the club.
f. Violation of the above rules may result in a verbal or written warning, or termination of
membership. Once a membership has been revoked, that person will not be eligible to
ever rejoin Dixie Car Club.

Article III
Officers and Their Elections

Section 3.01. Officers. The officers of this organization shall include one President, a Vice
President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
1. Must be an active member and in good standing of Dixie Car Club for 1 year. (June
Section 3.02 Election. Nominations shall be taken from the floor at the October meeting each
year. Only those who have consented to serve shall be eligible for nomination. Nominees
should be elected by the membership by secret ballot at the November meeting. Officers shall
assume their official duties on the first day of the new year following their election. (June 2024)
At no time should two or more people residing in the same household/family hold an office
concurrently (Nov ‘23)
Section 3.03 Term. Officers will serve a minimum of one-year term and abide by all bylaws. An
election by secret ballot must be held each year. (June 2024)
Section 3.04 Vacancies. Should a vacancy occur in any office before the term expires, a
replacement will be appointed by the remaining officers and the presiding committee chairmen.
Section 3.05 Removal. An officer can be removed from office for failure to fulfill his/her duties.

Section 3.06 Compensation. Officers are volunteers. No compensation will be given, however,
as a courtesy officers are not required to pay dues while in office.

Article IV
Duties of Officers

Section 4.01 President. The President should be a responsible leader for all club members.
The President acts as a facilitator for club activities. Most importantly, ensure the planning and
budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members. The
President shall preside over club meetings maintaining an orderly atmosphere. The President
will be a signing member on the checking account (9/23). The President should work with the
Secretary & Treasurer to maintain any club licenses, permits, etc. in good standing. The
President oversees the Special Events committee and presents a report & sign in sheet from
those committee meetings to the group at the regularly scheduled general club meeting.
Section 4.02 Vice President. The Vice President oversees the Car Show Committee and
presents a report & sign in sheet from those committee meetings to the group at the regularly
scheduled general club meetings. This report should be included in the monthly club minutes.
The Vice President should preside over meetings in the absence of the President.
Section 4.03 Secretary. The Secretary takes minutes of the monthly club meetings as well as
any specially called meetings. These minutes should include any reports from the treasurer, car
show committee meetings, membership committee meetings, special events committee
meetings and publications committee meetings.
The Secretary should work with the President & Treasurer to maintain any club licenses,
permits, etc. in good standing. The Secretary oversees the Publications Committee and provides
a report and sign in sheet of any committee meetings to the general club meeting.
Secretary 4.05 Treasurer. The Treasurer will collect and disperse club funds as determined per
the club’s minutes & needs. The Treasurer should present to the club meetings a detailed report
of income and expense each month in addition to any funds that are “earmarked” for
distribution. The Treasurer should maintain bank statements that are accessible upon request
by the club members and made available at the meetings. The treasurer should maintain a
minimum club balance of $2000.00 per November 2013 minutes. The Treasurer should work
with the President & Secretary to maintain any club licenses, permits, etc. in good standing. The
Treasurer oversees the Membership Committee and works diligently to keep accurate
membership records, recruit new members and work to maintain memberships. The Treasurer
will report Membership Committee activity to the club and provide a report and sign in sheet
from those committee meetings to the general club meeting.

Article V

Section 5.01 Special Events Committee. This committee is responsible for details surrounding
monthly events as well as any special events such as Ghost Town, Parades, the Christmas
Party, etc. (11/23) The chairman for this committee is elected from within the committee on the
first committee meeting of the year. The budget for this committee will be established at the end
of each year. The budget for this committee is used for Christmas party, candy for Ghost Town,
parades etc., and any other related expenses.
Section 5.02 Car Show Committee. This committee actively seeks donors for prizes &
sponsorships. The committee also makes necessary arrangements for securing the event
location, date & time, ordering trophies, arranging judging and staffing assignments for each
area. This committee sets the sponsorship levels & benefits. The chairman for this committee
is elected from within the committee on the first committee meeting of the year. The budget for
this committee will be established at the end of each year. The budget for this committee is used
for location, supplies for the show, banners, any signs or changes to the signs and other
expenses related to the car show.
Section 5.03 Membership Committee. This committee is responsible for maintaining an
accurate roster of membership. This committee should be responsible for supporting members
in need. Such as flowers in the event of a death as outlined by the Committee with the approval
of the club, cards for those that are in the hospital, general goodwill. This committee is
responsible for looking into ways to recruit new club members. This committee works to retain
membership. The chairman for this committee is elected from within the committee on the first
committee meeting of the year. The budget for this committee will be established at the end of
each year. The budget for this committee is used cards, flowers, welcome packets, etc.
Section 5.04 Publications Committee. This committee is responsible for facilitating the website
& Facebook, creating fliers for events & the printing of these for distribution, club promotional
materials, etc., all the while protecting the integrity of the club logo. Additionally responding to
emails as appropriate within the scope of the committee. The committee creates the “official”
publications for the club. The chairman for this committee is elected from within the committee
on the first committee meeting of the year. The budget for this committee will be established at
the end of each year.

Article VI

Section 6.01. Miscellaneous Supplies Fund. A miscellaneous supplies fund is established for
consumable products and other supplies as determined by the club. The budget for this fund will
be established at the end of the year.

Section 6.02. Post Office Box. A post office box should be maintained to conduct club business.
A personal address should not be used for the club business. There are 2 keys to the P.O. Box.
These keys will be held by the secretary and treasurer.
Section 6.03 Storage Facility. A storage facility should be maintained to house club equipment
and supplies. There are 4 keys to the facility and they are held by the President, Vice President,
Secretary & Treasurer.
Section 6.04 The bylaws will be periodically reviewed and updated by club officers and will be
available to the entire club membership at any time.
Section 6.05 Cash. For the sake of integrity, cash should always be counted in the presence of
another club member and initialed.
Section 6.06 A meeting of the leadership team, which includes the presiding officers, and
current committee chairmen, should be held every quarter. This allows the team to be able to
share concerns, review records and gain a general understanding of the tasks each group is
working on and promotes unity. (June 2024)