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May 2021 – Newsletter

Next meeting 6/3/2021 at Wood Grill in Benton 6:00pm to eat meeting at 7:00pm.
President Shane Shelton welcomed 15 members to the meeting.
The major topic of the meeting was this years’ car show. There was a long discussion about factors influencing the possibilities of having a successful show. Currently we have no location or sponsorship. Due to the Covid 19 impact many businesses are not able to offer any kind of sponsorships.  The possibility of having a show and shine instead of show was mentioned.  Participants would be asked to donate to our yearly charities if they would like. Many alternatives were discussed by several members.  Bill McMahan made a motion to postpone the show until October of 2022. A second made by Johnny Ramsey.  The vote was unanimously passed.  Our next car show will be in October 2022.
Due to inactivity for the last year, all membership due have been waved this year.  This also means there was no money deposited in the club bank account. There was a recommendation that members are welcome but not obligated to donate their membership dues or display entry fees which would have been collected at the car show if there was one.  This money will be used to help the club with funds to be donated to our local charities.  Please take this idea into consideration.
The club is continuing to participate in “Third Thursday” in downtown Benton. The next event is Thursday May 20th. Our parking location changes from month to month due to the number of entries registered.  We usually park near Cleo’s across from the courthouse.  There is no parade this month.  Please arrive at 5:00 and let an event worker you are with the club, and they will lead you to the display area.  All local shops and food trucks will be open, and the court hours square is blocked off.  The event runs from 6:00 to 8:00.
We are still working to set up a local cruise in location and time.  Our last plan fell through. If anyone has an idea, let us know.
We are looking to resume monthly outings again. The Shelton’s have the June outing. There is a possibility we will go to the Saline County Air Show in Bryant, however, more information needs to be acquired and this in not set in stone as of this printing.  More information coming at the next meeting. The Ramsey’s will host the July event.
The Gene Moss building reservation from 2020 has been transferred to the first Saturday of December for the club Christmas party.
Thank You!
Shane Shelton

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