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June 2016 – Newsletter

Western Sizzlin’, Benton, AR
Dinner: 6pm – Meeting 7 pm

Meeting Highlights
Vice President, Cheryl Overton sat in for David Huett and welcomed 18 members.
The club wishes to express condolences to Lisa Ramsey and family in the passing of her father.
Our second attempt fundraiser at Chick-fil-A was much more successful than the first due to better weather conditions. From the tip jar, we acquired $143. We received a company rebate of $141.50 which comes out to $284.50 total.
The Birch’s hosted the May outing to Riviera Maya. It was attended by 17 members with 6 old cars driving.
The Car Show honoring the Benton/Bryant Police Dept. at Abe’s Old Feedhouse was attended by 3 cars.
The club was awarded the Participation Trophy for having the most members present at the Landmark Bapt. Church Car Show. It was attended by 11 members. Bill Newsam is securing the trophy for the club.

Bill also announced a secondary sponsorship for our car show provided by Midstate Transmission and Repair for $250.
While Bill was on a roll, he made a motion the club purchase magnetic plaquereds to be stuck to the sides of cars during car shows and parades. Motion passed.
The June outing will be hosted by Ron and Brenda Wood on June 18. We will meet at Chicken Express at noon and leave at 12:30 to caravan to Cotham’s in Scott.
Food Bank: $34
Upcoming Events:

June 18 – Car Show at Petit Jean, Morrilton

June 25 – Car Show at Spring Creek Baptist Church, Benton

P.O. Box 2093
Benton, AR 72018-2093

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