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August 2018 – Newsletter






Meeting Highlights

President Shane Shelton opened the meeting welcoming 27 members and 3 guests.  We would like to welcome new members Jonathan and Brison Martin.

The meeting opened with a visit from Art Richardson who gave information about a car show to be held on November 7 at the Little Rock Air Force Base.  You MUST pre-register for this show and be prepared for security checks.

Cheryl Overton opened up discussion about the number of trophies needed for the show.  The club voted to reduce the number of trophies to 21; Place trophies and four Specialty trophies.  Based on a 60 car show field, this would mean just over 1/3 of the field would receive trophies.  Lis Shelton made a motion and Johnny Ramsey second the motion.  Vote carried.

There was a long discussion about whether or not the Dixie Car Club members should display their cars instead of entering the car show.  It was decided that there will be a display field available for members to show their cars and not be judged.  All members are encouraged to display their vehicles as opposed to competing in the show.  The reason for this is that non-club members entering the show form the opinion that club members get the trophies and non club members do not.   This image deters some people from entering our car show.  It was decided that this topic would be revisited in January to determine if this would become a rule rather than a recommendation in the future.

T.J. Thibeau reported on the July outing.  Six people and four old cars made the trip to Mather Lodge at Pettit Jean Mtn.  Due to early morning storms there was no power at the lodge, but it was still a nice trip.

The August outing will be hosted by Terry Sayers.  The group will be traveling to JJ’s Truck Stop Cafe on August 25.  We will meet at the old Ed & Kay’s Restaurant at 1 p.m. and leave at 1:15 p.m.

New member, Johnathan Martin, is working to reinstate the Car Show at Bryant Fall Fest.  The date of the show is September 29.

Prayers were answered as Robert Vest has been released from the hospital and is now home!  Please continue to remember him in prayer during his recovery.  We also want to remember Brenda Wood in prayer.  She fell at her home and broke her collar bone.  Terry Sayer’s wife, Beverly, had knee surgery.  She is at home recovering.  Please keep her in your prayers also.

Earl Cloud displayed the new Dixie license plate with the new logo.  He is taking orders from now through the next meeting.  He was given a quote of $10 + $1 tax for a qty of 30.  He passed around a sign up sheet for those interested in purchasing one.  Contact Earl if interested in purchasing a plate.

Volunteers are needed to assist at the concession stand for the show.  We also need donations for the concession.   Contact Lisa Ramsey for more information or to sign up to help.  Also needed for the show are Door Prizes.

The Saline County Fair Parade will be September 4.  We will line up on Maple Street across from CW Lewis Stadium from 5-5:30 p.m.

Old Guys Old Cars and Catfish dinner will be held on October 8 at 6 p.m. at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church.  The church is located at 12400 I-30, Little Rock.  There is no charge to non church members for the meal.  A short Bible lesson will follow the meal.

The Christmas Party will be held at the Gene Moss Building on WEDNESDAY, December 5.  Bill Newsam reserved the bldg. for this event.

Shane Shelton,

Newsletter Editor

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