Dixie Car Club

Benton, Arkansas car club

February 2024 – Newsletter

The Dixie Car Club monthly meeting was called to order on Thursday, February 1, 2024 by President Jennifer Lytchfield at 7:01 p.m. located at Wood Grill in Benton. There were 42 members present. Secretary Tosha Thibeau read the meeting minutes from January. Treasurer Lisa Ramsey read the financial report. Prayers were requested for Vice President Bob Perlinger and club member Wayne Davis. The club welcomed 2 new members: Henry Jezierski and Justin Crofford.

  • Committee Meeting Minutes were read aloud. The new committee chairmen were voted on by each committee at their meetings. The following club members are the new chairmen: Car Club Committee – Chairman TJ Thibeau, Special Events Committee – Chairman Thomas Gage, Membership Committee – Chairman Bill Gray, Publications Committee – Chairman Amy Reed
  • Secretary Tosha Thibeau wants to purchase a camera for the club. It would come from the general car club fund and would be used by members for club events. A check out system will be created to keep track of who is using the camera. All members who check the camera out for club use will be required to sign a waiver making them responsible for returning the camera and for any damage to the camera. Bill Gray made a motion to purchase the camera. Jim Shipps made a second. All members were in favor and the motion for the purchase was approved.
  • Member Jim Shipps thanked everyone for attending our outing at The Whippet. We had 47 members present. It was the largest crowd we have had at a club outing. Jim will continue to plan this event every year for January.
  • Secretary Tosha Thibeau read the mail that the club has received over the past month. The club received a thank you letter from The Call for our $500 donation. CJON sent a thank you letter to the club for our $571 donation to their food bank and our $1,000 donation for their toy drive.
  • President Jennifer Lytchfield addressed the interest of some members to officially change the Dixie Car Club logo. A vote was taken of how many members would like to change the logo. 4 members voted for a change. 21 voted to keep the logo the same. Jennifer proposed that artwork for possible new logos be presented at the March meeting. An anonymous vote will be held to decide on a new logo that will be presented or to keep the current logo. If a new logo is decided, it will not be in place until January 2025. (Please bring any artwork printed out if you would like for it to be considered for the vote to the March meeting.)
  • Secretary Tosha Thibeau presented 2 car show flyers that were created to be presented at the Arkansas Car Club meeting on Saturday, February 3rd. An official flyer was voted on and approved for print. (200 flyers were printed and handed out.)
  • President Jennifer Lytchfield presented club members with a draft of new club member bylaws. She asked that members take them home to review them and bring them back to the March meeting with suggestions. A vote to approve the bylaws will be made.
  • Treasurer Lisa Ramsey read a list of previous charities who have received donations from Dixie Car Club. 2 charities were decided to receive club donations in January – CJON & Autism Alliance of Saline County. 2 more charities were decided to add to those donations for 2024 – Safe Haven & The Call. The club will also be accepting material donations for Safe Haven at this year’s car show.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

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